A clip from the latest Handfastings.org newsletter:

Finally!  I almost didn’t remember what a chirping bird sounded like, until just two days ago I heard the little tweety-tweet-tweets of a song sparrow outside my window.  Later on that day, I caught two mourning doves outside playing tag, a sure sign of mating (or at least frolicking). Spring is just around the corner!  Perhaps the groundhog was right – the cold will soon be gone and Spring will awaken from Her slumber.

This is an abbreviated issue due to a very busy winter had by my family – my brother came back to visit for a month from his home-away-from-home in Beijing, so we celebrated Chinese New Year: The Year of the Rabbit!  We endured cold and flu season, but now we’re ready to spring back into action (pun absolutely intended).

We have four wonderful new officiants to show off, and are honored to have them grace the celebrant list of Handfastings.org.

I hope that you had a blessed Imbolc and promising Groundhog Day.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Blessed be,


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